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You’re able to do the job. But unable to clinch the interview?

You know your strengths. And how your talent can earn you a living. However, if you’re amongst the one in five of the UK population with a disability, how others see you can get in the way. Particularly potential employers who might only have a paper CV and application in front of them. Imagine if […]
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Get on the road to a new job in time for Christmas!

Think of Christmas and what springs to mind? Turkey, Christmas pud and presents? Or is more likely to be expense, stress and getting into debt? If you can drive and have no more than six points on your licence, Christmas cheer could be just around the corner. If you’re out of work, a driving job […]
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Before you see the film, check out the trailer…

The recruitment process is evolving. Video interviewing is on the rise and more and more companies are getting wise to the fact that video interviewing saves time, reduces travel costs and gets around the inconvenience of needing to interview in person at a remote office, miles away from where you live. Sounds great, right? Yes, […]
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A video is worth 1.8 million words!

What does the fact that YouTube has more than a billion unique users every month tell you? That people spend a good chunk of time viewing videos maybe? In case you’ve not already noticed, employers looking for the best talent are making compelling videos that show off their company’s strengths. An employer without a video […]
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Who cares who came second?

In today’s ‘gig’ economy, with an increasingly mobile workforce, the recruitment business is bigger than ever; with over 9,500 recruitment agencies each with an annual turnover of over £250,000 operating in the UK. The industry’s value to the UK economy now exceeds £35 billion. For recruiters, the talent pool is bigger and more diverse than […]
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No CPC? No Problem!

Palletways and Vidu have joined forces to help drivers without the certification by offering free CPC training for selected vacancies* Completing a Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC) training course is now mandatory for commercial drivers in the UK. For any driver looking for work, the 35 hours CPC training and test (costing between £500 – […]
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When it comes to people, Vidu VIP delivers the goods perfectly!

When Meachers Global Logistics, one of the UK’s leading independent providers of international freight and transport logistics services, needed a new Depot Manager for the Derby facility, their Commercial Director, Gary Whittle, turned to Vidu Recruitment. Using the exclusive Vidu VIP recruitment service, Gary was able to liaise directly with a specialist Logistics recruiter and […]
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